Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Take-A-Peek Tuesday!.....Roll Out Cookie Dough Without Making A Mess!

So, I do this funny thing with my cookie dough.

I've been doing it forever, so I really didn't think much of it, 
it's just....y'know....how I roll.

It started with me being lazy.
(By now we know that's how all my organization starts, right?)

I love making cookies.....HATE rolling out the dough.
Well, not the actual rolling, but all that flour underneath the dough.

Flour gets everywhere!


I've tried rolling it between pieces of parchment, but I didn't really like that.

Just too....I don't know, crinkly.
And the paper kept rolling back up.

So I thought.....what about plastic wrap?

It stays where you put it,
I can wrap up the edges of the dough,
and NO MESS!

Here's how it goes!

I stretch out two lengths of saran wrap on the counter a few inches longer than my rolling pin.

I've always loved these slip-on rolling guides.  
I use the 1/4 inch size.

Roll your dough into a ball and divide it into two equal portions.

This works best with dough that isn't sticky.
Because I don't add any flour when I roll, I add a bit extra when I mix the dough.

Those look about equal.

Cover that up with another piece of plastic wrap.
(Cover the second one now as well.
Don't want it to dry out!)

I found that if I make a vertical dent in the dough first, I get a shape that stacks up a bit better.

Kinda like that.  

Then just....roll.

The guides on the ends mean you never have to guess how thin the dough has gotten.

A little origami to fold and seal!

That's it!

Each batch of dough makes two sheets!

I usually make at least 8 batches at a time.
Once the bowl has butter in it....might as well just keep on mixing!

They chill in the fridge until firm, then head straight to the freezer!

No Mess!
Not even the rolling pin!

What do you think?
Wanna give it a whirl?

I hope you do!
Let me know if it works for you!

Thanks for stopping by! Lizy B
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  1. I just finished cleaning tons of flour off my counter top...I shall give this a try. I am hoping it will save me tons of clean up time. Thanks!! Not sure why I haven't tried this sooner, guess I thought it would stick. :)

  2. How long do you/can you leave the dough in the freezer? Do you just take it out as needed? Such an informative post! Thanks!

    1. Hi Kelley! I go through that much dough in a week or two and yes, I just take out a sheet or two as I need it. I like the way the dough bakes after it has been frozen. Less puff and spread! So even if I want to use it the same day I'll pop it in the freezer for a bit. If you would like to keep it longer I would wrap each sheet in wrap one more time at least, just to make sure it's well sealed. Also, keep this away from raw meat etc. I have a separate freezer that holds just butter and dough.

  3. I do the same thing! Smart and awesome ladies like us seem to be on the same page. lol

    Sugar and Stitches

  4. Hi Mrs. B.! I'd like to know where to buy the slide on guides for your rolling pin. Thanks for your informative post!

  5. Will definitely try this the next time I make cookie dough. I have been using the TidyMom method of rolling the dough between parchment and wax paper, then put on a cookie sheet Check out TidyMom's YouTube. I do have the rubberband guides, but find the paint sticks easier to use.

  6. I've been rolling my dough between 2 sheets of parchment then chilling the dough and it seems like the parchment absorbs some of the moisture from the dough while it chills (I use Kirkland brand parchment). The paper on the bottom becomes kind of rippled. After I bake, many of my cookies are not smooth on the bottom, and I'm sure it's because I chill the dough on parchment. I will try your method and see how it works for me. Thanks for the post!

  7. This is a fantastic idea. I always get flour everywhere. Thanks so much for sharing. I need to pin this for sure.

  8. Brilliant as usual,Miss LizyB!
    Wondering if you cut your cookies while the dough is still frozen, directly from the freezer or do you let it come to room temp? If you cut it from frozen, how much extra baking time do you allow?
    It just goes to show that no matter how long one has been baking and decorating cookies, there is always, always something new to learn!
    Thank You!

  9. Lizy, what a great tutorial! I FINALLY gave up using flour because of the mess though I was emotionally attached to that method because it's how my grandma did it. Now it's two sheets of parchment paper and no flour. I'd really like to give your method a try because it looks so pretty and practical but dang, if I don't end up wrestling the roll of plastic wrap everytime!


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