Saturday, March 12, 2011

Princess, princess, anyone have a princess?

I have boys.

Two of them, three if you count my husband.

 Although I have luckily never found frogs in pockets or dead bugs in shoes (mentally knocking on wood) they are very boyish.  I have army toys, cars, trucks, rocket ships, enough clone troopers to save tatooine and enough legos to remodel my house...again.

They are fabulously fun, and extraordinarily loving.  So glad I have boys!  I have even learned to love baseball (little league style).

Although......then I pass the pink aisle in target and my heart goes pitter-patter.....

I do have a remedy for this.  Her name is Paige.  If you threw Tinkerbell, Pippi Longstocking and Laura Ingalls in your kitchen aid mixer and whirled them up you'd get....Paige.  Or Paigey as my 4 year old says-he loves her lots.

Blonde ringlets, the world's biggest blue eyes and smile, and enough spunk to keep up with any boy you throw at her.  The fact that her mother is my best friend in the world has absolutely nothing to do with it.

So....Paige is turning 5.
And I have permission to make her 'fancy cookies'.
And then just to make me love her even more....she picks a Disney princess party.

Oh my goodness gracious.  Pinkness!!!!!!!

Can you hear the wheels turning in my head?  They are very loud, must need more coffee.

Snow white, apples, crowns, Sleeping beauty, magic wands, crowns, Cinderella, glass slippers, more crowns!!!!

No pictures yet...don't want to spoil the surprise. Miss C....are you out there....tap-tap...I may have gone a little overboard on the cookies....
Are 6 baking sheets full of cookies too many for a small family get together?
(see you soon)

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