Friday, March 18, 2011

Bring on the blooms!!!! (for a very special lady)

Flower cookies it is!!!

Just heard the best news!

But first, a few words about a very fabulous lady...

I have this girlfriend....we'll call her....Lisa (that is her name after all).

Lisa is....Lisa is sunshine.  I can't say that I've ever seen her without a smile, a kind word, an encouraging story....
Even if you catch her on a day full of frustrations, you know that after she tells you her troubles, she will be listing her blessings.

For quite a few years Lisa has worked in the finance industry (and is great at it).
And when you first meet her that seems to make perfect sense.
She is very organized and professional...

When you get to know her, you realize there is much more going on.

This girl has climbed Mt. Whitney....on an anniversary trip with her husband....BY CHOICE!
(as in....island/spa/mountain...island/spa/mountain...which to choose...Mountain!)

Regularly takes 20 mile bike rides....

Runs....really far....

Will spend entire weekends cheering for her kids by the side of the pool while they win races and water polo matches.

Encouraged her husband to leave the world of finance and follow his dreams to become the world's greatest that's not right....he got his second B.S., then masters, and is now a Dr. and will save the world's energy problems.
(but also gets the southern O.C. weather right every time )

I could go on and on...but really, she's just lovely, and we're all lucky to know her.


She just bought a flower shop!!!!

Flower Girl in Dana Point

Congratulations Flower Girl!!!!!
You will absolutely succeed, and be fabulous...just because you are you!!

Now Bring on the Flowers!!!!!

Lizy B


  1. thank you so much lizy b. you are a sparkling gem! i am honored to be your friend! i can't wait to share all my creations, successes and everything in between with you. ~ lisa (the flower girl)

  2. put a smile on my face again with this post! love the flower cute!


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