Tuesday, March 15, 2011

....now back to those princess cookies!

I had so much fun making princess cookies for Paige!!!

My dough was all rolled out and ready to go...

And then I searched until I found some cutters that were princessy....

And then I realized.....I have boys....what the heck do these princesses look like anyway?

Pretty sure they don't have light sabers.....but I think there might be some sort of wand....

So off to google I went and then tried to sketch some ideas.  

Paige definitely said Snow White was her favorite, so she would have to come to this little cookie party...

She'll have some apples in case she needs a snack.

Sleeping Beauty's fun to have around, although she's not very good company (always falling asleep).

Maybe if she has a few magic wands the fairy godmothers can wake her up!

You can't have a party without Cinderella!  She's the official party princess!  Never does know when to go home.....

And enough shoes that if she loses a few, she'll be okay.....

Some cutting, baking, cooling, color mixing.....and a bunch of waiting.....

and the girls were partially dressed.

Snow White couldn't find her skirt....

Sleeping Beauty couldn't find hers either!  (maybe Cinderella has them)

Anyone need a glass slipper in a child's size three?

And finally.....

They were finished!!!!

Just waiting to go out the door!

Thanks for inviting us to your birthday Paige!!!

We all had such a good time!


  1. I loves these dresses! And so clever to add apples to the tray. Great job!

  2. I think these are sooo fabulous, I bet even suri cruise doesn't have any thing like these cookies at her parties!!!

  3. loved seeing the process of making the cookies. you are soooooo talented. watch out world!

  4. WOW. These look pretty involved! Nice job!!


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