Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blogging is hard!

So maybe the actual typing isn't hard, but there are a whole lot of decisions to make in a very short amount of time!

Do I want a background, or not.

Do I pay for one, or not.  (big thanks to

Now I need a header!  Oh my.

I have to choose a font!  (another big thanks to

How the heck do I do that!

Thankfully...I'm a nerdy girl and I love all things techie.  The more buttons to push the better.

But still, it sounds so simple....'I'm just going to blog now...'
(can you hear the computer fairies laughing at that.... 'suuuuuure you are lady')

This is officially my new blog home.
Cheers, clink-clink, sip the champagne.....
Still unpacking the photo files and renaming things...


  1. love this! thanks, lizyb for the blog. can't wait to read your future entries....

    xoxo ~ lisa c.

  2. The cakes and cookies taste as good as they look (and I'm not just saying that...)
    Love ya, Me

  3. BEST cookies ever...not only are they delish, but so beautiful. Sooo much love and talent goes into each one. I am lucky to be on the cookie circuit and am fortunate to try so many of them :) Yaaa Elizabeth!!!
    xoxo, cin J


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