Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My flower girl!!!!

Went on a field trip today!!!

First Jack and I stopped at Miss Christy's classroom at the High School!
I planned to get really cute pictures of Jack delivering a box of sunshine and there would be lots of smiling and hugs....

Not so much...

Apparently Jack is afraid of the wild species of teenager than runs rampant on High School Campuses.

So we just dropped off our box and were on our way to.....

My Flower Girl!!!!

(Please excuse the awful picture taking.  Have not yet started lessons with my photo guru....Steve.)
Its really cute, all outdoors the way flowers should be.  Feels like walking into someone's lovely garden..

Lisa has the most beautiful hand tied bouquets.  

This was Jack's favorite (mine too!)  and it came home with us!!!
It smells lovely and it feels just a little more like springtime....

Not to mention that Jack fell a little bit in love, he hasn't stopped talking about 
'Miss Lisa, the pretty flower lady'.

And we delivered a little sunshine to her too!!!!

So good to see you Lisa!  We'll be back soon!

(Jack is blowing you kisses on the computer.....the boy is not subtle...)
Love ya!
Lizy B

Here's one more shot of the cookies for all the bakers out there....


  1. These cookies are fantastic! I especially love the details on the flowers.

  2. Just browsing your cookies. Oh my, they are beautiful! I don't think I could eat them they are so artistically beautiful!


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