Monday, March 21, 2011

Knock-Knock....Anyone gnome?

I know, I know....bad joke.  At least I crack myself up....

I'm just about done with a great big batch of lovely flowers....but I thought they looked a little lonely....

The last time I ordered from Karen's Cookies

I picked out an adorable little garden gnome cookie cutter.
(okay so maybe its a Christmas elf who was 50% off)

I was sure it would be one those cutters I buy but never use because gnomes have faces and I'm scared to do those.  Not sure why,  just sure they're going to look all wonky.

But, in the spirit of my very brave friend and her new shop, I decided to go for it!

Here's a little planning sketch, along with a happy little caterpillar....

And then all the colors, outlining and flooding, all ready to go...

Why is it that mixing the colors ALWAYS takes forever....really would like to be quicker at that.

And here are all the happy little gnomes...

I hate to play favorites but....these were my favorites..

Pretty happy with them, I wish my photography was better.


Maybe I know someone that might be able to give me a few (or a thousand) tips....

Who do I know that is a fabulous photographer, and a great friend, and is kind enough to help a girl out  with her so-so photos.....

(stay tuned)

Love to all!!

Lizy B


  1. These are so cute! I'm always amazed at how quickly I can decorate but always forget how gosh darn long the making icing and tinting icing and filling the bottles and bag takes!

  2. Oh my goodness!! These are the cutest!! Great job with the faces by the way!! They look very convincing!! Great colors!!


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