Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I promised myself I'd bake a lot more often so I'd have lots pretty pictures to post here.

So I spent the morning in the kitchen and made 4 (yes 4) batches of sugar cookie dough.

Which now looks like this.....

But now.....what the heck should I make?

I clearly missed the boat for St. Patrick's Day....whoops.

A little early for Easter, but I could try a few things out....

Any ideas, thoughts, need a little help.....

Hello.....tap-tap......anyone out there......

You never know.....there just might be a cookie or two in it for you.....

Lizy B.


  1. Baseball Season....Balls, Bats, Hats?

  2. I also ran out of time for St. Pat's--the science fair got in the way.

    You could make cottages with spring flowers in a window box--using the Christmas cottages idea from bake@350...

  3. FLOWERS!!! :) :) XOXOXO ~ lisa

  4. what about shoes?? those work for any season right? the Cinderella slipper was adorable so why not something else?


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