Thursday, March 31, 2011

A flock of cranes

We started a little paper crane project here at our house the other day.

Paper cranes for Japan

After I published that post, I thought to myself  '.....maybe I should have tried to make one of those first?'

The next day, I purchased a pack of origami paper, checked out quite a few origami books from the library (none of which had instructions for the crane), watched the you tube video AND printed instructions from the Internet....whew.  I felt like I needed to be able to make one myself (that at least resembled a crane) if I was going to convince my boys that it wasn't too difficult.

You'd think we'd have an army of them by now.

Instead, I fretted over it a bit (because that's what I do), and then started talking to other moms.
And wouldn't you just know it, the second mom I told said " little origami ones right....we make those all the time..."

Then, she went over to her daughter's backpack, ripped out a piece of notebook paper (first mistake, didn't actually need origami paper.  Could have used up the ridiculous stack of unused scrapbook paper in the closet) and away she went!!!  Just like that!!! No video, no instructions, just.....a little white crane with blue pin-stripes!

He even has a little beard...

After that, we were on a roll...

Joe made a couple,

pretty good huh?

Ethan's first attempt is a very dignified dark brown.

His friend Kayla has been sending some home with him.  Hers are all very pretty.  Her mom made the pin-striped fellow.

Turns out paper cranes are great to make when you're procrastinating.  Y'know, say you were supposed to be outside sanding the bedroom furniture you are determined to turn very dark brown instead of honey colored.....

Then you have a serious flock on your hands...

So.....what do you do to help you procrastinate?

I'm pretty sure I hear someone playing angry birds in the other room right now.....

Thanks for stopping by,
Lizy B

*Just a little update!
As of March 31 has received 21,451 paper cranes, raising $42,902!


  1. ha ha. i saw joe making one of those cranes....knew it looked way too engineerish for me.

  2. I don't think he's stopping at two!!!

  3. Your blog is so creative and funny! I want more! Btw, the cranes look amazing! The origami paper is far more attractive than the pin stripped number on the original!

  4. Thanks Gina! Ethan's dying to attack them all with markers. He just doesn't think they look right without faces!

  5. these are wonderful, way to go!!!

  6. Thanks Maile!!! We're still recruiting crane folders......


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